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【Japan Edition】Blu-ray w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes 
・W/ Japnese subtitles

Release Date: September 15th 2017

01. Start Me Up
02. Sway
03. Dead Flowers
04. Wild Horses
05. Sister Morphine
06. You Gotta Move
07. Bitch
08. Can t You Hear Me Knocking
09. I Got The Blues
10. Moonlight Mile
11. Brown Sugar
12. Rock Me Baby
13. Jumpin' Jack Flash
01. All Down The Line (Bonus Track)
02. When The Whip Comes Down(BonusTrack)
03. I Can't Turn You Loose(BonusTrack)

The Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger (Vocal)
Keith Richards (Guitar / Vocal)
Charlie Watts (Drums)
Ron Wood (Guitar / Backing Vocal)

Darryl Jones (Bass / Backing Vocal)
Chuck Leavell (Keyboards / Musical Director)
Karl Denson (Saxophone)
Tim Ries (Saxophone / Keyboards)
Matt Clifford (Musical Integrator)
Bernard Fowler (Vocal)
Lisa Fischer (Vocal)

In 2015, the Rolling Stones '71 classic album "Sticky Fingers Their North American tour "Zip Code" was held to coincide with the release of their various extended editions of "The Last Supper". The tour kicked off with a live performance of "Zip Code" at a small venue in Los Angeles on May 20. A video film of a special gig featuring a performance of all the songs from Sticky Fingers is finally released. The dense, masterful re-creation of the masterpiece live there is just a joyous feeling of unqualified happiness, but it This release is even more realistic than usual, and you can enjoy a full set of live performances from the day. What's more, you can enjoy the full set of the day's live performances on this release.

The Stones' historical video work is included on the video from just two years ago on One of the reasons why we dared to release the From the Vault series under the name I think it was to promote the double historical value of the gig on this day. This is what I meant when I wrote "doubly". The Stones' all of "Sticky Fingers," which is also a classic rock classic, is a great example of the Sticky Fingers The fact that this was the first time they had played all the songs on the album at once. This was the first time the Stones played all of their own songs, not just "Sticky Fingers", on the same album. This is the first time I've played in concert, and possibly the last, in That's what I mean.

'Sticky Fingers', as you know, is a self-founded It was released in April '71 as the first album from Rolling Stones Records Album. Although they had released a live album recorded in '69 the year before, they were essentially the first It could be said that this is the album that put the world on notice of The shocking cover by Andy Warhol and the so-called tongue-in-cheek mark (the design here is It's also well known that it appeared alongside the striking images of the song (by John Pash). The production period, depending on the "interpretation," also began in May '68, when the first take of one of the songs in the collection was recorded. It lasted for a long period of time, until December '70, and was recorded in three different locations. In between, two major tours were interspersed with two major tours, sulky contractual problems, and a solution to the group's financial collapse situation. The album was produced during a period of "upheaval", as it coincided with the time when I was struggling to find The members have a special place in their hearts, which is also inserted in this piece. You can feel it through their statements. They dared to play the first show of the tour to coincide with the release of the expanded version of the album The forces that made it special, including a full performance of every song that wasn't there, were Mick Jagger, Keith I think it was the power of that kind of commitment from the members of the band, especially the two Richardses. I think.

The performance of "Sticky Fingers", a key point of the song, will be released at the end of June in the same year. but only a short performance scene included in the official promotional video released at the time. The compactness of the Fonda Theatre, a venue that was difficult to realize, and therefore the The density of the live reenactment of "Sticky Fingers", including the audience's happy reaction. The best part of this video work is that you can fully enjoy the intensity of the

However, the Stones' version has a completely different meaning from that of the traditional preservation society. There is. It's clear from Ron Wood's strong performance here, who wasn't around at the time of production, but Mick Even if you check the details of how Charlie sings and how he taps the rhythm of It's clear that the show is built on a series of "ways" that are unique to the Stones today. That's what made this show not a maniacal event, but a powerful show. On the contrary, after losing Bobby Keys and having Mick Taylor as a guest on the tour, they dared to play It's safe to say that the Stones' current intentions can be felt in the fact that they tried this project.

Of course, it's been a long time since the Otis Redding cover All 16 songs from the day's show, including "I Can't Turn You Loose", are also included in the bonus video A complete recording if you include it. And it's like they've packed the special atmosphere of this premium show in its entirety, the usual Even more so than the live version, this is a bold sound creation that focuses on the ambience of the venue.

There are already mentioned interviews with the members in between songs, and there are also some small moments of There are some valuable testimonies from the time the album was made, such as the one about "Who is the lower body model on the jacket and other valuable testimonies from the time the album was made. This live video work from the "From the Vault" series has a more memorable depth to the world.

Text: Masanori Terada


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