Myriad [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Gaupa / Myriad
【Japan Edition】CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and Translation

Release Date: November 18th 2022

01. Exoskeleton
02. Diametrical Enchantress
03. Moloken
04. RA
05. Elden
06. My Sister Is A Very Angry Man
07. Sömnen
08. Mammon

Emma Linnea Näslund (Vocals)
David Ola Rosberg (Guitar / Percussion / Back Vocals)
Jimmy Sven Björn Hurtig (Drums / Percussion)
Erik Lars Martin Sävström (Bass)
Daniel Gert Nygren (Guitar / Back Vocals)

GAUPA (lynx in Swedish) is a rock band from Falun, Sweden. With surreal lyrics,
a highly energetic singer, and a sound of progressive rock with doom/folk/
psychedelic influences, they released their debut EP in June 2018 and have since
then established an international name on the scene. ‘GAUPA’ – their self-titled
debut EP – was well received and the band did one of their first performances
on Scandinavia’s biggest rock festival: Sweden Rock,
which praised the band in the magazine with the following words: “You can
tell they are experienced musicians and the singer Emma Näslund is a force of
nature. Ethereal and fairy-like with a voice that seems to draw its power out of
the deepest spirits of nature.”

Word spread quickly around the world, even to the Japanese BURRN! magazine:
“With arrangements that feel as natural and magical as those of Björk’s
and The Cranberries’ together with the mystical and mesmerizing vocals of singer
Emma Näslund, this exquisite work of art delivers a superb balance between
retro nostalgia and modern elements.”

In April 2020 GAUPA followed up the debut with releasing their first full length
album “Feberdröm” gaining even more attention, not only from an international
audience but also from the world’s biggest metal label: Nuclear Blast Records.
Jens Prueter, Head Of A&R Nuclear Blast Records Europe stated: “While most
newcomer bands struggled during the Corona pandemic, GAUPA managed
to grow by quality. Their unique sound hasn’t remained unnoticed and word
by mouth spread fast. Once we saw their live stream show and had some video
conferences, we knew they would sit well in an artist roster of Graveyard,
Opeth, Earthless and Meshuggah who appeared to be some of their favorite
bands, even if GAUPA isn’t very metal at all. But it’s that attitude to tear down
boundaries between genres – just for the sake of art. We are proud to welcome
them in good company.”

In 2021 GAUPA re-entered the studio to record the second full length album
‘Myriad’ and is currently in the middle of the process of releasing singles and
music videos with the aim set on album release by the end of the year. In addition
to new releases, GAUPA is currently focusing on the Swedish festival summer
of 2022, though with great excitement - after the long wait of the pandemic
- to set their feet on new venues around the world.

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