Mercyful Fate [CD Paper Jacket]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Release date:August 20th, 2021

Mercyful Fate/Mercyful Fate
【Japan Edition】CD Paper Jacket w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Specially printed disc surface that resembles an LP record
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes written by Mirai Kawashima (SIGH)
・With hardcover paper jacket

01. A Corpse Without Soul
02. Nuns Have No Fun
03. Doomed by the Living Dead
04. Devil Eyes

【Mercyful Fate】
King Diamond (Vocals)
Hank Shermann (Guitar)
Michael Denner (Guitar)
Timi Grabber (Bass)
Kim Ruzz (Drums)

Mercyful Fate’s Dexbut EP revives along with the original artwork!
The band's unique riffs had a great influence on the Big 4 thrash bands. Thrash metal won’t be born without this album!

The influence that Mercyful Fate has had on subsequent bands, especially in the extreme metal genre, is probably comparable to that of Black Sabbath. It is well known that Metallica is such a Mercyful Fate freak that they even did a cover of the album, and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth also cited them as one of his top influences. Slayer's decision to go big with their second album, “Hell Awaits”, was in fact also influenced by the Mercyful Fate. For example, compare the intro of "Captor of Sin" with the intro of "A Corpse without Soul" by Mercyful Fate. You will understand how much Slayer was devoted to Mercyful Fate during this period. Regardless of directly or indirectly, there is no extreme metal band in the world that has not been influenced by Mercyful Fate.

After releasing an EP and two studio albums, Mercyful Fate disbanded in 1985. The vocalist, King Diamond, later forms a new band with his own name, and inherits the musicality and image of Mercyful Fate. The second album, “Abigail”, which was released in 1987, is a concept album masterpiece that’s just like a horror movie. From this album, concept album has been one of the unique characteristics of King Diamond.

Mercyful Fate and King Diamond’s works will be reissued as a set of 11 albums. From Mercyful Fate, “Mercyful Fate” EP (1982), “Melissa” (1983), “Don’t Break The Oath” (1984), “The Beginning” (1987), “Return Of The Vampire” (1992) will be released. From King Diamond, “Fatal Portrait” (1986), “Abigail” (1987), “Them” (1988), “Conspiracy” (1989), “The Eye” (1990), “In Concert 1987: Abigail” (1990) will be released. Not just all albums are a masterpiece, they are all essentials for all metalheads around the globe. On top of that, every album is going to be re-released with paper jackets, which resembles the original artwork. Especially “Mercyful Fate” EP will be released exactly like the original artwork from 1982, which will surely be a hit for all Mercyful Fate/King Diamond fans. Don’t miss this chance to get all 11 albums at once!

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