Live By Fire II [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Enforcer / Live By Fire II
【Japan Edition】CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes

Release Date: March 19th 2021

1. Die For The Devil (Live)
2. Searching For You (Live)
3. Undying Evil (Live)
4. From Beyond (Live)
5. Bells Of Hades/Death Rides This Night (Live)
6. Zenith Of The Black Sun (Live)
7. Live For The Night (Live)
8. Mesmerized By Fire (Live)
9. One Thousand Years Of Darkness (Live)
10. Guitar Solo/City Lights Jam (Live)
11. Scream Of The Savage (Live)
12. Drum Solo (Live)
13. Run For Your Life (Live)
14. Take Me Out Of This Nightmare (Live)
15. Destroyer (Live)
16. Katana (Live)
17. Midnight Vice (Live)

Olof Wikstrand (Lead Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitar)
Jonas Wikstrand (Drums)
Tobias Lindqvist (Bass)
Jonathan Nordwall (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Swedish heavy metal commando ENFORCER proudly presents its second live album, “Live by Fire II”, which will be released through Nuclear Blast Records on March 19th, 2021. “Live By Fire II” offers an intense and passionate performance captured in front of a truly dedicated and wild audience in Mexico City, 2019. “Live by Fire II” lets you experience ENFORCER at the top of their game and marks an outstanding live record documenting the group’s steady path to global recognition in recent years. It also serves as a stunning reminder of how many heavy metal anthems ENFORCER have crafted on their total of five studio albums so far! From the speedy metal attack of ‘Destroyer’, ‘Searching For You’, ‘Midnight Vice’ to perfect sing-alongs like ‘From Beyond’, ‘One Thousand Years In Darkness’ and ‘Take Me Out Of This Nightmare’, the enthusiastic crowd and powerful sound of “Live By Fire II” result in a captivating and extremely entertaining listen.

Physical formats of the release will be including extensive booklets containing a tour program, liner notes and tons of photos compiled and designed by vocalist/guitarist Olof Wikstrand recapturing ENFORCER’s touring cycle for the albums “From Beyond” and “Zenith” during the years 2015-2020.

“Live By Fire II” will be released as Gatefold 2LP with 16-LP sized booklet, CD with 28-page booklet, and digital album.

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