HIRO 1st Solo Live 『Gale』the Beginning 2017.4.29 SHINJUKU ReNY [Blu-ray]【Japan Edition】


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HIRO/HIRO 1st Solo Live 『Gale』the Beginning 2017.4.29 SHINJUKU ReNY
【Japan Edition】 Blu-ray w/Obi

Blu-ray】Region Free

01. Shikkoku
02. Blood Moon
03. Like the Wind
04. MC 1
05. Steppenwolf
06. Dear Phantom
07. Amaiwana
08. MC2
09. Fairies in the Forest
10. Bare Fangs
11. Vanity
12. Odayakanakaze
13. MC3
14. Zambara
15. Forest
16. Lhasa
17. MC4
18. Ivory trees
19. S.E.A.

HIRO (Guitar)

《Support Members》
SHUSE (Bass)
LEVIN (Drums)

《Special Guests》
KOJI (Guitar)

On April 29, 2017, at Shinjuku ReNY, La'cryma Christi ( HIRO, the guitarist of Lacrima Christie), held his first solo show. This marked the beginning of a new legend. This tense and exciting 15-song set was recorded on the album "HIRO 1st Solo Live ". 'Gale' - the Beginning - 29.4.2017 SHINJUKU ReNY'.

Gale", his first solo album, was released the day before the show. It contains 10 guitar instrumental tracks. At the live performance, the band recreated the album in its entirety, just as they had promised. The live performance that began with "Blood Moon" was lavishly filled with superb technique. . The distorted tones of "Steppenwolf" reminiscent of a wolf's roar and the sadness of "Steppenwolf He is like an alchemist of sound. He is like an alchemist of sound. At times lurking in the darkness, the guitar sang lyrical melodies that only HIRO can create. The guitar riffs, which HIRO himself has positioned as "the face of the song", were also released, sometimes carrying strong light. The audience was unknowingly led to the secret world of HIRO.

Support members are SHUSE on bass and LEVIN on drums, both from La'cryma The members of Christi. Normally, they are close friends, but on this occasion, they gave up the center stage to Hiro, who was able to sharpen and sharpen his skills. The band brought the start of the new year to their friend's life with their own play, "La'cryma Christi".

For the encore, a special guest appeared on stage, La'cryma Christi with twin guitars It was KOJI who played a part. HIRO welcomed his former partner on stage and said, "If we're going to do this with these four guys, there's no other song but that one! When the four of us are going to play together, there's only one song by that band! ! Then came 'Zambara', a chaotic song that started with the contrasting guitars of HIRO and KOJI. Number. If you see them perform together on this day, you'll see KOJI & HIRO Joint The anticipation for the four live performances was overwhelmingly high.

During "Forest", the audience started to sing in place of Taka on vocals. The audience sang as if they were praying, head-banging, passionately singing and just watching the audience. The floor was dozens of colors, but I could see that everyone was liberated: HIRO, SHUSE, and LEVIN was relieved from the tension of the show and had a great smile on his face, and KOJI also enjoyed this time. The expression on her face was solemn. By the last song, "THE SCENT", the stage and the audience were all smiling as one big smile.

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