From The Vault Extra - Live in Japan - Tokyo Dome 1990.2.24 [DVD]【Japan Edition】


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The Rolling Stones / From The Vault Extra - Live in Japan - Tokyo Dome 1990.2.24
【Japan Edition】DVD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes 
・W/ Japanese subtitles

Release Date: March 31th 2017

01. Intro: Continental Drift
02. Start Me Up
03. Bitch
04. Sad Sad Sad
05. The Harlem Shuffle
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Miss You
08. Ruby Tuesday
09. Almost Hear You Sigh
10. Rock And A Hard Place
11. Mixed Emotions
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. Midnight Rambler
14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
15. Can’t Be Seen
16. Happy
17. Paint It Black
18. 20,000 Light Years From Home
19. Sympathy For The Devil
20. Gimme Shelter
21. It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll
22. Brown Sugar
23. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
24. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

The Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger (Vocal)
Keith Richards (Guitar)
Bill Wyman (Bass)
Charlie Watts (Drums)
Ron Wood (Guitar)

Lisa Fischer (Backing Vocal)
Bernard Fowler (Backing Vocal / Percussion)
Cindy Mizelle (Backing Vocal)
Chuck Leavell (Keyboards / Backing Vocal)
Matt Clifford (Keyboards / Backing Vocal / Percussion / French Horn)
Bobby Keys (Saxophone)
The Uptown Horns
 Crispin Cioe
 Paul Litteral
 Arno Hecht
 Bob Funks

New Blues Cover Album Tops the Oricon Chart for Two Weeks The Rolling Stones have been on a roll in Japan, but on January 4, they were allowed to release "The Rolling Stones Me! Me! Ore! Following a series of "zeitgeist" screenings of "A Trip Across Latin America" and "Havana Moon, It has been announced that the two films will be released at the same time for the Japanese fans again. .

This is the world premiere release of "From The Vault Extra", a completely different video from the earlier "Stones - Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990" (released in October 2015) from their first show in Japan in 1990, which reminded me of the excitement of the audience in Havana last March, and a completely different show date from the earlier "Stones - Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990" (released in October 2015). 

Let's get a little more specific. The Stones' first show in Japan was part of the Steel Wheels tour that had been going on for the previous year However, the first release was the first of 10 shows at Tokyo Dome, which was realized as At the time, it was the full video of February 26, which was aired on Nippon Television. However, the one that will be released this time is from February 24, which is one day before the show. On that day, they did a camera test (plus probably a backup in case of trouble) to prepare for the recording on the 26th. Fans have known that a video recording was made for It's a limited release in Japan.

The setlist was the same as the 26th, and there seemed to be some sound trouble. It was more than enough to get the Stones' engine going on this day, which was the eighth of ten consecutive shows So much so that on the 26th, anomalously, Cindy Maizel sang "Gimme Shelter, The usual Lisa Fisher singing is also a maniacal checkpoint. Personally, Charlie Watts' snare sounded the lightest and nuckiest on this day, and I had the impression that they were. And best of all, the strong groove of the Stones in this era with Bill Wyman's bass and Their high-tempo performance is different from their recent work, and it's great to be able to enjoy a fresh visual experience with It's an immense pleasure. Of course, the restoration team, led by engineer Bob Clearmountain, is now working on the technology. It should give you a taste of something that has been used and perfected to a much greater degree.

Even though the content is Japanese, the fact that this is a "regional" release of such a collection of works is a good thing. Isn't this a first in the history of the Stones Apparently Mick Jagger, as the team's "president," has been able to sell CD and video productions, not to mention I've heard that he's been getting reports on every single one of his films, even the positive results of the limited release of his films, but in doing so, he's Japan, which is very responsive and prolific in the dissemination of information (even if it's in Japanese, I believe the heat is getting through) 's fans are beginning to see their role in the global market development of the company as a very important one. I'm sure it's a good idea. It's a limited release that Japanese fans can be proud of.
Text: Masanori Terada

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