Esto Es Brujeria [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Brujeria / Esto Es Brujeria
【Japan Edition】CD w/ Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes

Release Date: September 29th 2023

01. Esto Es Brujeria
02. El Patrón Del Reventón
03. Estado Profundo
04. Bruja Encabronada
05. G-A-K
06. Tu Vida Loca
07. Mexorcista
08. Bestia De La Muerte
09. Políticamente Correctos
10. Mochado
11. Perdido En El Espacio
12. Odio Que Amo
13. Testamento 3.0
14. Covid-666
15. Lord Nazi Ruso
16. Cocaína

Juan Brujo, Sangron, Fantasma, Pinche Peach, & La Encabronada (Vocals)
El Criminal & El Embrujado (Guitar)
Hongo & El Cynico (Bass)

Hongo Jr. (Drums)

“Esto Es Brujeria” is the fifth full length release of death metal’s narco satanicos; BRUJERIA. Roaring full circle with sixteen tracks into the post-pandemic era, with the deep polarization, civil unrest, ongoing brutality, and social upheaval of the day ripe for the band’s notorious critiques. Steeped in dense myth, extreme metal’s most notorious antiheroes materialize anytime, anywhere, to spin their tales of anarchic mayhem and lawless fury. They are eternal banditos, prepared to party.

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