Best Of The Blessed [2CDs]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Powerwolf / Best Of The Blessed
【Japan Edition】CD+Live CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes

Release Date: July 3rd 2020

【CD1】"Best of the Blessed"
01. We Drink Your Blood (New Version 2020)
02. Army of the Night
03. Demons Are a Girl‘s Best Friend
04. Werewolves of Armenia (New Version 2020)
05. Saturday Satan (New Version 2020)
06. Amen & Attack
07. Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
08. Resurrection by Erection (New Version 2020)
09. Sanctified with Dynamite (New Version 2020)
10. Kreuzfeuer
11. Armata Strigoi
12. Kiss of the Cobra King (New Version 2019)
13. Killers with the Cross
14. Sacred & Wild
15. In Blood We Trust (New Version 2020)
16. Let There Be Night

【CD2】"The Live Sacrament" (Wolfsnchte 2018)
01. Fire & Forgive
02. Incense & Iron
03. Amen & Attack
04. Demons Are a Girls Best Friend
05. Killers with the cross
06. Armata Strigoi
07. Blessed & possessed
08. Where the wild wolves have gone
09. Resurrection by erection
10. Stossgebet
11. All we need is blood
12. We drink your blood
13. Werewolves of Armenia
14. Lupus dei

Attila Dorn (Vocals)
Matthew Greywolf (Guitar)
Charles Greywolf (Guitar)
Falk Maria Schlegel (Organ)
Roel van Helden (Drums)

The Steel Swarm Powerwolf's first career best album, "Best Of The Blessed" released! Complete with 16 of the band's most popular songs, including new versions, all 14 from the 2018 tour This is a special edition release that includes a bonus CD with live recordings of the songs!

German Powerwolf, whose dramatic power metal is based on Romanian werewolf legends and religious themes, have completed their first best album, "Best of the Brest".

In 2003 in Germany, Matthew Greywolf (guitar) and Charles Greywolf (bass), who studied opera at the National University of Music in Bucharest, Romania. With Attila Dorn (vocals), the members of the group released their 2005 album "RETURN Powerwolf made their debut with "TO BLOODRED" (2005), and their second album, LUPUS DEI" (2007), their third album "BIBLE OF THE BEAST" (2009), they continued to work steadily live while releasing the album (2009), and the mysterious white-painted make-up of visuals and exciting live performances have attracted a lot of attention in Europe. The band's popularity would slowly expand.

After that, the band broke out on their 4th album 'BLOOD OF THE SAINTS' (2011), which contained many of the band's most important songs, and after their 5th album 'Pretties of the Night' (2013: Germany Chart No.1) and 6th album 'Brest and Posest' (2015: No. 3 on the Germany Chart) became big hits in their home country, they released their 7th album 'The Sacramento of Singh' (2018) with a DVD + CD 'The Metal Mass Live' (2016) containing their live concert in Europe in 2015 as well, which was No. 1 in the German chart. Now Powerwolf, who has become a leading band in the German metal scene both in name and reality, is releasing his first best album 'BLOOD OF THE SAINTS'.

From his second album, LUPUS DEI, to his seventh album, The Sacramento of Sin A well-balanced selection of two or three songs from each of the six albums up to now, 7 of the 16 tracks on this album are new version of the album, it's a retrospective of their careers, but it's also a fun look back at their current There is. In addition, a bonus disc, The Sacramento of Sin, was presented. This special includes live takes from 2018 and is truly a special Powerwolf I can say that one is complete.

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