The Wings Of War [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Overkill / The Wings Of War
Japan Edition
CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: February 22th 2019

01. Last Man Standing
02. Believe In The Fight
03. Head Of A Pin
04. BatShitCrazy
05. Distortion
06. A Mother's Prayer
07. Welcome To The Garden State
08. Where Few Dare To Walk
09. Out On The Road-Kill
10. Hole In My Soul
11. In Ashes (Bonus track)

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (Vocals)
D.D. Verni (Bass)
Dave Linsk (Guitar)
Derek Tailer (Guitar)
Jason Bittner (Drums)

OVERKILL hails from the East Coast of New Jersey, USA, where D.D. Vani (bass) and The band was formed in 1980, led by Rat Skates (drums). They were influenced by punk rock as well as heavy metal, with D.D. RAMONES bassist D.D. Ramone, and Rat Skates was a member of THE It's a stage name they each borrowed from Rat Scabbies of DAMNED. The two originally acted together in a punk band, THE LUBRICUNTS, which When they disbanded, they formed a new VIRGIN KILLER, and local friend Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (whose vocal/blitz nickname is DEAD BOYS' borrowed from Johnny Blitz) and eventually became known as Overkill It was the first time we had a guitarist. The guitarist position was quite fluid at that time, and some of the guitarists who were replaced It included Dan Spitz, as he would later be known in ANTHRAX. It wasn't until 1982 that Bobby Gustafson joined the band and the lineup was fixed for the time being .

Initially, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, RIOT He played covers of DEAD BOYS, RAMONES, etc., but eventually he was able to play original songs. He began writing, and in 1984 he signed to Metal Storm Records and released a four-song EP They recorded "OVERKILL". However, the release of OVERKILL was seven months later than originally planned, and their name was It was first released in 1985 on Megaforce Records1 It was on the first album "FEEL THE FIRE". OVERKILL", the first album I made, was released after "FEEL THE FIRE", and There are

The styles of British heavy metal such as IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST and It fuses the roughness of punk rock inherited from the RAMONES and DEAD BOYS, etc. Their musicianship quickly became a buzz in the underground, with METALLICA, SLAYER In 1987, the band came to prominence as a follow-up to ANTHRAX and others. Takin' Over, their second album, which is much stronger, is released with speed, power and The band impressed with their sequential evolution in terms of groove and melody. In the same year, after the EP "FUCK YOU", the band's founding member, Rat Skates, left the band amicably and former PAUL DI'ANNO'S BATTLEZONE drummer, Danish drummer The band welcomes Bobby "Sid" Falk to the band.

The newly formed OVERKILL has released their third album "UNDER THE INFLUENCE (1988), the fourth album THE YEARS OF DECAY ( 1989) and within a short span of time, they released excellent albums, and in those albums, the musical Despite further upsurge, Bobby Gustafson left the band in 1990. He was replaced by two guitarists, Merritt Gant and Rob Canavino, and since then The band was to work as a five-member group. Their 5th album "HORRORSCOPE" (1991) and their 6th album "I HEAR Black" (1993/The drummer was replaced by Tim Malleur), their 7th album "W.F." (1994), and their 8th album "THE KILLING KIND" (1996). O." (1994), their 8th album "THE KILLING KIND" (1996/ The guitar duo was replaced by Joe Comeau & Sebastian Marino) and their 9th album FROM THE UNDERGROUND & BELOW" (1997) and their 10th album NECROSHINE" (1999), 11th album "BLOODLETTING" ( 2000/ produced by a four-piece with one guitarist, Dave Rinsk), their 12th album KILLBOX 13 (2003/Derek Taylor joined as the second guitarist, and again as a 5-piece band), 13th album RELIXIV (2005), 14th IMMORTALIS (2007/drummer was replaced by Ron Lipnicki), the album 15th album "IRON BOUND" (2010, the world's largest metal label from this album) Nuclear Blast), their 16th album, "The ELECTRIC AGE" (2012), 17th album "WHITE DEVIL ARMORY" (2014), and consistently released works like "ARMORY" (original In addition to the album, there are also a cover album, a live album, a live DVD, a box set, etc. announced), even during the unfortunate era of heavy metal in the 90s and 2000s, the indefatigable It is very significant that he continued to work in the spirit of the Oberhausen, Germany, in 2018. The 30th anniversary of FELL THE FIRE and the 25th anniversary of HORRORSCOPE, held at The live DVD/CD "LIVE IN The Music of OVERHAUSEN is released, a complete recreation of two albums in one day It is still fresh in our minds that this unprecedented experiment was critically acclaimed in the entire scene.

They also continued to tour actively throughout their career, and in 1990, they performed in Japan for the first time. They are here. The second time they came to Japan was 11 years later, in 2001, and the first time was in 2004. In 2010, 2015 and 2017, he visited Japan, and since 2004, THRASH Although their main focus was on appearing at DOMINATION, in 2017 they were at LOUD PARK for the first He appeared and gave a dignified performance in front of a large crowd.

The new album "The Wings of War" has been released this time. It's been two years since "The Grinding Wheel" and this is his 19th original album. On the previous album, the former SABBAT~HELL guitarist and current JUDAS PRIEST Andy Sneep, who is also a touring guitarist, mixed and mastered Although he was responsible for (Andy was a member of JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, MEGADETH a leading producer of the modern metal scene who has worked on TESTAMENT, etc.), this SOULFLY, QUEENSRYCHE, HATEBREED, SANCTUARY, Various types of heavy metal and hardcore such as REVOCATION, CROWBAR, etc. Chris "Zeus" Harris, who has worked with the bands of And the highlight is drummer Jason Bittner, who joined the band in 2017 ( SHADOWS FALL) would have been the first Overkill recording to be featured on the album. With his strong drumming, the Overkill sound shifted up another notch on The band has been around since the 80's, but they don't rest on their laurels and are one of the strongest and most powerful bands in the modern metal scene.

They are a well-established band that has been active since the 80's, but they don't want to rest on their laurels, and their sound, which is one of the strongest and most powerful metal bands in the modern metal scene, explodes in "Wings of War".

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