The Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph) [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Scar Symmetry / The Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)
【Japan Edition】CD w/ Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and Translation

Release Date: June 9th 2023

01. Chrononautilus
02. Scorched Quadrant
03. Overworld
04. Altergeist
05. Reichsfall
06. Digiphrenia Dawn
07. Hyperborean Plains
08. Gridworm
09. A Voyage With Tailed Meteors
10. Soulscanner
11. Xenotaph

【Scar Symmetry】
Roberth Karlsson (Vocals)
Lars Palmqvist (Vocals)
Per Nilsson (Guitar)
Benjamin Ellis (Guitar)
Henrik Ohlsson (Drums)

In the beginning, there was a vision of the future. Nearly two decades on, SCAR SYMMETRY are still light years ahead of the competition. It’s time for Phase II...

Formed in Sweden in 2004, Scar Symmetry were a unique proposition from the start. Although clearly owing a debt to the pioneering melodic death metal bands of the ‘90s, guitarist Per Nilsson and his comrades were walking their own evolutionary path. As showcased on 2005 debut Symmetric In Design, the band were driven by fervently progressive and proudly melodic instincts, infusing their often brutal riffs and arrangements with wild, futuristic atmospherics, and sublime, emotional melodies that always hit their targets with ruthless precision.

Now that the world has largely woken from its Covid-induced stupor, Per Nilsson is looking forward to fully reactivating SCAR SYMMETRY and taking the dramatic, pulverising events of Phase II to the people. Faithful to their original masterplan, these kings of metal’s celestial frontier are still way ahead of the game.

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