The Great Show+20th Anniversary Show [2Blu-rays+Autograph Card]【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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Sabaton / The Great Show+20th Anniversary Show
【Japan Special Edition】2Blu-rays w/ Obi+Autograph Card

・Autograph Card
・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes 
・W/ Japanese Subtitles

Release Date: November 19th 2021

【2Blu-rays】Region Free
(The Great Show)
01. Ghost Division
02. Great War
03. The Attack Of The Dead Men
04. Seven Pillars Of Wisdom 
05. The Lost Battalion 
06. The Red Baron 
07. The Last Stand
08. Far From The Fame
09. Night Witches 
10. Angels Calling 
11. Fields Of Verdun
12. The Price Of A Mile
13. The Lion From The North
14. Carolus Rex
15. Primo Victoria
16. Bismarck
17. Swedish Pagans
18. To Hell And Back

(20th Anniversary Show)
01. Ghost Division
02. Winged Hussars
03. Resist And Bite
04. Fields Of Verdun
05. Shiroyama 
06. The Red Baron 
07. The Price Of A Mile
08. Bismarck
09. The Lion From The North 
10. Carolus Rex
11. 40:1
12. The Last Stand
13. The Lost Battalion
14. Drum Battle
15. Far From The Fame
16. Panzerkampf
17. Night Witches
18. The Art Of War
19. 82nd All The Way
20. Great War
21. Attero Dominatus
22. Primo Victoria
23. Swedish Pagans
24. To Hell And Back

Joakim Brodén (Vocals)
Pär Sundström (Bass)
Chris Rörland (Guitar)
Tommy Johansson (Guitar)
Hannes Van Dahl (Drums)

Since Sabaton's inception on the threshold of the 21st century in the picturesque Swedish town of Falun, this heavy metal giant has conquered milestone after milestone, reached quadruple Platinum sales, and performed mega-sized concerts all over the world.


However, despite Sabaton's never-ending passion for writing explosive tales about remarkable historical turning points, these relentless brave hearts have always had just one crystal-clear goal: to march fearlessly towards the next battles.


Sabaton's ninth studio recording, The Great War, was released on July 19, 2019.  As the band's bassist/lyricist Pär Sundström said at the time, "We couldn't be happier about this metallic milestone.  'The Great War' is a brand new concept record from the vaults of fascinating military history. Within its rich musical and lyrical journey, we full-heartedly dive into the sinister atmosphere of World War I – a colossal military conflict that shook the whole planet a hundred years ago.


Acclaimed album after album, these Swedish storytellers have been able to carry out endlessly catchy power-influenced heavy metal.


Singer and musical mastermind Joakim Brodén explains, "'The Great War' is musically and lyrically the most affluent Sabaton-release to date. The recording offers familiar-sounding, multi-layered, and melodically rich Sabaton metal lunacy, not forgetting unexpected twists and turns. After all, it's still a 100% pure Sabaton-crafted heavy metal album."


To support The Great War, Sabaton hit the road with "The Great Tour," beginning with several festival appearances, including the band's 20th-year anniversary headline spot on the holy grounds of Wacken Open Air.  From there, the band headlined a North America run in the fall of 2019, then took "The Great Tour" throughout Europe in January and February 2020, and then were off for a five-week tour of Russia and Belarus in March.  Sabaton was able to play nine of those dates before COVID-19 forced them to cancel the rest of the shows.


For ninety-nine percent of comrades, a series of successful studio albums and voluminous world tours would be enough. Well, not for these warlords.


"With respected TimeGhost History Channel and renowned historian Indiana Neidell, we have established Sabaton History Channel," said Sundström in early 2019.  "On weekly YouTube episodes, we are telling in-depth stories and details behind our songs.  We already have tens of thousands of subscribers, and the number is growing as we speak... Another dream accomplished!


Sabaton has put the "COVID downtime" to good use, writing, recording, and releasing a variety of stand-alone singles and music videos.  The band played its first post-pandemic date on July 9, performing in front of 40,000 fans when they headlined the Exit Festival in Serbia.  Sabaton will be Special Guest this summer/fall on Judas Priest's 36-city, "50 Years of Metal" North American tour that starts September 8 and runs through to November 5.  They then headline a 29-date tour of Sweden in January/February 2022, followed by the launch of the massive "The Tour To End All Tours" on March 4 in Norway.

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