Solitude In Madness [CD+EP]【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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Vader / Solitude In Madness
【Japan Special Edition】CD + EP w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: May 15th 2020


01. Shock And Awe
02. Into Oblivion
03. Despair
04. Incineration Of The Gods
05. Sanctification Denied
06. And Satan Wept
07. Emptiness
08. Final Declaration
09. Dancing In The Slaughterhouse
10. Stigma Of Divinity
11. Bones

【EP - Thy Messenger】
01. Grand Deceiver
02. Litany
03. Emptiness
04. Despair
05. Steeler

Piotr Wiwczarek (Vocals)
Marek "Spider" Pajk (Guitar)
Tomasz "Hal" Halicki (Bass)
James Stewart (Drums)

12 th album by Vader, a Polish veteran death metal band. This album, which is only 29 minutes long and contains 11 songs embodying their policy of "Long songs are boring!", has polished the destructive power of the drum and is truly an extreme album like a storm! The Japanese version is a special edition that includes EP 'The Messenger' in 2019.

Vader has a long history. Vader was formed in 1983. In the same year that Metallica and Slayer debuted, Vader was born in the communist country of Poland. They had made a name for themselves. It was a demo called "Morbid Reich", released in 1990, that quickly took the name to a global level.
The band successfully incorporated elements of death metal, which was the new extreme metal trend at the time, and With this demo, Vader's presence became known to maniacs around the world. As a result, Vader and the UK's Year Acre Records, the best label in extreme metal at the time, signed up for They signed on and released their first album, The Ultimate Incantation" was released.
Nowadays, there is an image of "Poland = metal powerhouse", but this is also the case with Vader's It's no exaggeration to say that this is the reason why the band has been so successful.
With a career that already spans over 40 years, the band has had the opportunity to play the keystone of their sound, the drummer There were times when they faced the tragedy of passing away. However, despite their predicament, they continued to tour vigorously and have released 11 studio The band released their original album. Even today, the band continues to be highly popular as one of the world's top extreme metal bands.

The twelfth album by Vader has just been released. The title of the album is "Solitude in Madness", or "Solitude in Madness". 'Man learns nothing. The younger generation doesn't respect the older generation, or even themselves. Everything is empty. Humanity is being diminished more and more because of technology. The internet makes it seem like people are connected, but on the contrary, more and more people are lonely. What if this isn't madness says Peter, the leader of the group. Leaving his long-time partner, the Wieslawski brothers, to join the Cradle of Filth and Scott Atkins, known for his work with Amon Amarth, as producer and engineer. This is the album that greeted us, and musically, it is very much like Vader. It's a perfect blend of thrash and their signature tyranny. Peter's policy: "Fast songs are best when they're 2-3 minutes long; anything longer than 5 minutes is boring". As you can see, the album total is only 29 minutes, reminiscent of Reign in Blood The production style is also very impressive.
Eleven 2 to 3 minutes of fast-paced songs are played in the blink of an eye, and I doubt there is a single extreme metal fan who wouldn't be excited by this album.
The Japanese version of the album also includes the EP "Zai Messenger" from 2007.

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