Revelation [CD] 【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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Michael Schenker Fest / Revelation
Japan Special Edition
CD incl. 3 Bonus Tracks w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: September 20th 2019

01. Rock Steady (Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley & Doogie White)
02. Under A Blood Red Sky (Doogie White)
03. Silent Again (Robin McAuley)
04. Sleeping With The Light On
05. The Beast In The Shadows
06. Behind The Smile
07. Crazy Daze
08. Lead You Astray
09. We Are The Voice (feat.Ronnie Romero)
10. Headed For The Sun
11. Old Man
12. Still In The Fight
13. Ascension
《Japan Exclusive BONUS TRACK》
14. Doctor Doctor (live)
15. Assault Attack (live)
16. The Beast In The Shadows feat.Akira Takasaki

Michael Schenker Fest
Michael Schenker (Guitar)
Gary Barden (Vocals)
Graham Bonnet (Vocals)
Robin McAuley (Vocals)
Doogie White (Vocals)
Chris Glen (Bass)
Simon Phillips (Drums)
Bodo Schopf (Drums)
Steve Mann (Guitar / Keyboards)
Ronnie Romero (Guest Vocals)

Gary Burden, Graham Bonnett, Robin McCauley and Doogie White. MSG, and the vocalists of Temple of Rock, Michael Schenker Fest is truly the culmination of an exceptional artist, Michael Schenker It was. It started as a live project, but in 2006, they made their album debut with "Resurrection . Head of LOUD PARK 2017 in August 2004. liner, and last September, their three visits to Japan already have been a great success, and many fans' I'm sure it's burned into your eyes. And now, their second album, "Reversion" has already been released, and It's become. It's been a little over a year since his debut work. I have to take my hat off to his creativity. The concept of this film is about what happened to Michael, and what is happening now. In other words, about his life itself. The title of the album "Reversion" means "revelation". The title of the album means "revelation" or "revelation", i.e. "God or a transcendent being revealing secrets that cannot be recognized by human power". There is no more appropriate title for an album by the living God, Michael. . In fact, 'Reversion' is nothing more than a divine revelation. In fact, "Reversion" is nothing short of a revelation: "It's even better because of the great input from all the singers. Michael's absolute confidence in the finished product is evident in his statement: "The input from all the singers has made it even better. is evident. The songs are energetic and melodic, and you can hear the soul of the singers singing. The songs are energetic and melodic, and you can hear the soul of the singers singing," he says, and he's not kidding.

During the making of this album, Michael Schenker Fest suffered a tragedy. In January of this year, drummer Ted McKenna passed away suddenly. Revelation is an album that was made in response to this sadness. Simon Phillips and Bodo Schopf are carrying on Ted's legacy. The former was on the Michael Schenker Group's debut album, while the latter was on the "Perfect He participated in "Timing" and "Save Yourself", both of which are drummers with close ties to Michael. There is. Simon plays primarily on this album.

This time around, in addition to the four vocalists, he plays in Destinia, led by Rainbow and Nozomu Wakai. Ronnie Romero also makes a guest appearance. The highlight of the album was a guest appearance by Akira Takasaki of LOUDNESS. It's the bonus track "The Beast in the Shadows. The guitar heroes of the East and West will be battling it out solo in a case that will go down in HR/HM history. There is. HR/HM freaks from around the world will no doubt be searching for this Japanese release in their blood. Live track 2 from LOUD PARK 17 is included as a bonus track for the Japanese release only. The songs are also included.

Bright pop, hard rock tunes, and of course the family's sorrowful A beautiful number full of melody and harmony. Great vocalists sang with finesse. Michael's soulful playing. Revelation" is a masterpiece that has everything a fan could ask for in an HR/HM album. What more could you ask for in an HR/HM album, and if you're an HR/HM fan, you won't want to miss this one! No hands.

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