Moonglow [2CDs]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Avantasia / Moonglow
Japan Edition
CD + inst. CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: February 15th 2019

01. Ghost In The Moon
02. Book Of Shallows (Hansi Krsch,Ronnie Atkins, Jorn Lande, Mille Petrozza)
03. Moonglow (Candice Night)
04. The Raven Child (Hansi Krsch, Jorn Lande)
05. Starlight (Ronnie Atkins)
06. Invincible (Geoff Tate)
07. Alchemy (Geoff Tate)
08. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Ronnie Atkins, Jorn Lande, Eric Martin, Bob Catley, Geoff Tate)
09. Lavender (Bob Catley)
10. Requiem For A Dream (Michael Kiske)
11. Maniac
12. Heart (Bonus track)

Instrumental CD】
01. Ghost In The Moon
02. Book Of Shallows
03. Moonglow
04. The Raven Child
05. Starlight
06. Invincible
07. Alchemy
08. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
09. Lavender
10. Requiem For A Dream
11. Maniac

Tobias Sammet (Vocals / Bass / Keyboards)
Sascha Paeth (Guitar / Bass)
Felix Bohnke (Drums)
Oliver Hartmann (Guitar)
Michael Rodenberg (Keyboards / Piano / Orchestration)

Guest Vocals
Candice Night
Hansi Krsch
Mille Petrozza
Michael Kiske
Eric Martin
Ronnie Atkins
Jorn Lande
Geoff Tate
Bob Catley

Avantasia, led by Tobias Samet, is back with their new album, "Moonglow". Return. Avantasia is Tobias' solo project and at the same time They are also an all-star heavy metal band. While on tour with Edgay, the bus was filled with "Michael Kisk, Kai Hansen and Marcus Grosskopf. but it would be nice if they could play together again. Yes, then I'll make a place for myself," says Tobias, who came up with the idea. That thought led to a project called Avantasia, and The Metal Opera ( 2001) and "The Metal Opera Pt. II" (2002), two albums that were released in It comes to fruition in a form. In addition to the aforementioned three, former Stratovarius Timo Turchi, Imperitelli's Rob Locke and An all-star line-up on an unprecedented scale, including Bob Cutley of Magnum This is a gorgeous piece of music. And, rooted in the classics, it is a beautiful and magnificent "metal opera" that is truly worthy of the name In style, Avantasia was a big deal.

Avantasia originally began as a project concept. It was no easy task to assemble such a stellar lineup. It would have been no surprise if the project was short-lived. However, in 2006, four years after "The Metal Opera Pt. II", Avantasia was born. In 2008, they released their third album, "The Scarecrow was released. The film features Alice Cooper, Jorun Rande, Eric Singer and even Rudolph Schenker. joined the band. In addition, they even went on their first tour that year, including headlining the Wacken Open Air Dare. The Scarecrow" and "The Scarecrow", a trilogy, were released in April 2010. The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel of Babylon", two The album was released at the same time.

The Mystery of Time (A Rock Epic), released in 2001. Ronnie Atkins and Joe Lynn Turner of Pretty Maids were joined by the real Orchestra. The album showed further progress, and charted on Billboard in the US. It was followed by "Ghostlights" in 2004, which charted in various European countries. Records were broken. Once again, the album was ranked on Billboard, cementing its immense popularity.

And now the new release, "Moonglow," is, according to Tobias, "not a deadline to be I took my time to make this album, until I was happy with it", he says, "Every detail of the backing is very well crafted". Every detail of the background is very well crafted," he said, "and every time I listen to It's a masterpiece of discovery. Michael Kiske, Jorun Rande, former Queens-like Jeff Tate, Eric In addition to Avantasia regulars such as Martin and Ronnie Atkins Candace Knight, Blind Guardian's Hanzi Kiash, and creator 's Mire Petrozza makes his first appearance! As befits a German artist, he is strongly rooted in classical harmonies, but also in Celtic music and It's a huge musical picture book that encompasses blues and even gospel music. The dark and emotional lyrics about alienation from the world, with elements of his autobiography. And then there's the beautiful, eerie, and beautiful picture book author Alexander Jansson's beautiful and eerie Artwork. The dark and beautiful world of Tobias, where everything comes together and is created, draws you in. It's a guarantee. If you're a Tobias fan, or even a lover of heavy metal, give "Moonglow" a heart. It can't be unmoved.

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