Les Chants de l'Aurore [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Alcest / Les Chants de l'Aurore
【Japan Edition】CD w/ OBI

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes

Release Date: June 21st 2024

01. Komorebi
02. L Envol
03. Améthyste
04. Flamme Jumelle
05. Réminiscence
06. L Enfant de la Lune
07. L Adieu

Neige (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Synths / Pianos / Glockenspiel)
Winterhalter (Drums / Percussions)

As the world we live in grows darker and more bewildering with every passing day, the transformative power of music has never been more vital. Formed in the small French town of Bagnols-sur-Cèze at the dawn of the century, underground icons Alcest have always been clear about their desire to transport listeners to somewhere different, somewhere better. Led by founder and multi-instrumentalist Neige, the French artists have been one of the most consistently radical voices in all of heavy music, with a sound that eschews metal’s often myopic devotion to casting shadows, in favour of a sublime blend of darkness and blinding bright light. 

A band known for their empathetic ethos, Alcest have never sounded more blissful than they do on Les Chants de l’Aurore. As Neige explains, new songs like recent single L’Envol and the epic L’Enfant de la Lune aim to counteract the negativity and darkness that surrounds us in the so-called real world, with hazily expressed visions of a different place and time. After dealing with the abstract horrors of mortal existence on previous records, Neige has returned to the comforting cocoon of his spirituality, and with the specific intention of spreading some love and positivity.

Five years after their last album, Alcest have reconvened with a refreshed perspective on their epoch-altering musical endeavours. Les Chants de l’Aurore arrives at a tumultuous point in human history, laden with gentle charm and ferocious conviction, and doggedly determined to push Neige’s musical identity ever further into an expansive future. More importantly, perhaps, Les Chants de l’Aurore gives Neige a fresh opportunity to connect with his adoring fan base, armed with some of the most beautiful and mesmerising music that he has ever written.

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