Humanoid [CD+Autograph Card]【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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Accept / Humanoid
【Japan Special Edition】CD w/ Obi + Autograph Card

・Autograph Card [Signed by Wolf Hoffmann]
・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and Translation

Release Date: April 26th 2024

01. Diving Into Sin
02. Humanoid
03. Frankenstein
04. Man Up
05. The Reckoning
06. Nobody Gets Out Alive
07. Ravages Of Time
08. Unbreakable
09. Mind Games
10. Straight Up Jack
11. Southside Of Hell

Wolf Hoffmann (Guitars)
Mark Tornillo (Vocals)
Uwe Lulis (Guitars)
Martin Motnik (Bass)
Christopher Williams (Drums)


Founded in 1976, ACCEPT, the long-standing legen-dary German titans of heavy metal, are back with a fiercely awaited and highly acclaimed new studio album, entitled HUMANOID , to be released on the 26th of April, 2024. Once again finalized by leading metal producer Andy Sneap (Judas Priest, Amon Amarth, Testament, Saxon, etc.) at his Backstage Recording Studios Ltd. in Derbyshire, UK, HUMANOID is a towe-ring musical achievement and another world class entry in the ACCEPT catalog, certain to rally fans from around the world. Humanoid will be available in various formats worldwide, some of them strictly limited.

HUMANOID joins absolute genre classics like Balls To The Wall, certified Gold in USA and Canada, Metal Heart, and newer masterpieces like Blood of the Nations or the #1 album Blind Rage. Their al-bums regularly place in national Top 10 sales charts, with global sales in excess of 17 million to date.

ACCEPT have never shied away from hot button is-sues, and this album is no exception. Yet the band’s 17th studio album is certainly not a concept album. It deals with topics like AI and how our reliance on technology is gradually stripping away our indivi-duality. ACCEPT offers a warning in this new album and title track single Humanoid. Since singer Mark Tornillo will never be an advocate for the digital age, he counterbalances the title track with raw emo-tions, frailties, significant Rites of Passage we en-counter on the path of life and characteristics that make us uniquely human: feeling uncomfortable, getting older, dealing with hurt, disappointment, and the final stop for everyone: death.

HUMANOID is a ferociously electrifying, dy-namic and subtly nuanced platter with tongue in cheek humor, biblical references in The Reckoning.

The opening track Diving into Sin gives listeners a hair-raising energetic jolt with its Middle Eastern influenced intro, and an almost aggressive, screa-ming vocal from Tornillo setting the rest of the al-bum up for a most bountiful feast.

Unbreakableis as much about the band as it is the bond between ACCEPT and their fans, in the concert arena – an easy going “Hey, let’s do this, ‘kind of rock song.” „Mind Games“, on the other hand, has a vintage feel, circa “Metal Heart”.
No One Gets Out Alive seems tailor made for live shows. It says that regardless of life‘s circumstan-ces, rich, famous, or not, death is the great equali-zer.
The good ole’ drinking song, Straight Up Jack utilizes many euphemisms for ordering at the bar. Upbeat and aggressive with guitar interplay, South side Of Hell ends the disc with a wonderful bit of wordplay, courtesy of Tornillo.

HUMANOID is an album that targets the head, heart, gut and... balls! Listen for yourself!

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