Human Target [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Thy Art Is Murder / Human Target
【Japan Edition】CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: July 26th 2019

01. Human Target
02. New Gods
03. Death Squad Anthem
04. Make America Hate Again
05. Eternal Suffering
06. Welcome Oblivion
07. Atonement
08. Voyeurs Into Death
09. Eye For An Eye
10. Chemical Christ

【Thy Art Is Murder】
CJ McMahon (Vocals)
Andy Marsh (Guitar)
Sean Delander (Guitar)
Jesse Beahler (Drums)
Kevin Butler (Bass)

The world situation is becoming increasingly confusing. The world is in turmoil, extreme weather conditions are spreading, and the masses are playing on social media. The fifth album of Thy Art Is Murder, the proud owner of Australia's deathcore, is Intense content that puts a no to the dystopia we live in. Deathcore fans, as well as old school death metal and grindcore fans. Must Listen.

Thy Art Is Murder is Australia's premier deathcore band.Formed in 2006 by guitarist Sean Delander, drummer Lee Stanton and others They are a band on the fast track to success.When they released their debut EP, Infinite Death, in 2008, it was The band suddenly reached number 10 on the local Australian independent charts.After a change of vocalists, the album "The Adversary" was released in 2010 and Their debut album, Hate, was released in 2012. The band reached number 35 on the Australian "Mainstream Chart".The band became the first extreme metal band to enter the Top 40.(The band reached number one on the Independent Chart.)It was originally released on a local Australian label called Halfcut Records This film, but because of its quality, Thy Art Is Murder's name has quickly become a household name around the world. The band propagated to extreme metal fans.As a result, they were signed to the super giant Nuclear Blast.Hate was also released worldwide through Nuclear Blast. It was followed by a summer slaughter tour in the US and the Download Festival Their popularity has been booming as they have conquered such prestigious stages as "The Greatest Generation".Their third album, "Holy War", released in 2003, was a top 100 album in the US The band entered the market. This is the first time for an Australian extreme metal band to achieve this feat.

And now we're releasing our fifth release, following 17 years of "Dear Desolation". It's the album "Human Target".This world we live in is going crazy in every sense of the word."Human Organ Harvesting Nightmare The Wall Street Journal's headline is a death metal-faced headline such as "Human Organ Harvesting Nightmare(This is an article reporting on allegations of prisoner organs being harvested and sold in China.)Climate change so rapid that it could bring about humanity's demise is occurring everywhere on the planet I do.Nevertheless, people are only playing on social media.What is this if not a dystopiaHuman Target" is the last resistance to this crazy world, and its content is is intense in the extreme.Thy Art Is Murder is often categorized as a "deathcore", but at its core There is the tyranny of death metal.The music is fierce, heavy and fast, and it doesn't give you a chance to catch your breath.And of course, it's technical and groovy.'human target' is an album that encompasses everything that fans want from them, and that appeals strongly not only to fans of Descore and Metalcore, but also to listeners of the old-school Death Metal and Grindcore.

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