Above The Sky [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Majestica / Above The Sky
【Japan Edition】CD w/Obi
・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip

・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: July 7th 2019

01. Above the Sky
02. Rising Tide
03. The Rat Pack
04. Mtley True
05. The Way to Redemption
06. Night Call Girl
07. Future Land
08. The Legend
09. Father Time (Where Are You Now)
10. Alliance Forever
11. Future Land (2002)
12. Spaceballs

Tommy Johansson (Vocals / Guitar)
Alex Oriz (Guitar)
Chris David (Bass)
Ulrich Kusch (Drums)

Tommy joined Sabaton in 2016 and has become an important part of the band's musicality. Johansson. He is not only a guitarist of outstanding technique, but also a singer who has performed in Japan with Sabaton. She was called an "idiot" by Joakim, a member of the "Baka" group, and her Japanese fans called her an "idiot! She is also a well-loved character, and her fans in Japan call her "Baka!

Before joining Sabaton, he made his debut in 2000 with his own band, Rain Exceed, and has released six albums in quick succession. He has released 6 albums (plus 2 covers) in quick succession, and has been a member of the fast-moving Tommy has pierced the hearts of lovers with his melodic speed metal, but he joined Sabaton through a fresh start. The band has changed its name to Majestica and is making its re-debut.

This album loudly proclaims the arrival of the "3S" era of speed, thrills and sentimentalism. (1) "Above the Sky" and (5) the soul of "The Way to Redemption". The exuberance of the shimmering melodies, (8) the heroic symphonic investigation in "The Legend, It inspires the metal spirit in our hearts. On the other hand, the irresistible hook of (6) "Night Call Girl" is a hit and miss for the metalist's soul. It will be the number one spot on the chart.

The Rain Exceeds era classics have been breathed into new life (7) 'Future Land' reaffirms the evolution of Tommy and Melodic speed metal intersects with the vaudeville style of Queen (9 ) "Father Time (Here Are You Now)," a title alone is enough to get people to like it ( 4) "Motley True" and other extremely entertaining songs.

Singing about the bonds of the global metal community (10) on "Alliance Forever, To the point, this album has everything a true metal warrior could ask for. Expect real power metal in the vein of Halloween, Stratovarius and Gamma Ray. I want it," says Tommy. Tommy's own high-tone voice in addition to his captivating guitar with sharp riffs and technical solos. is brilliant in this film. Michael Kiske (Halloween/Pumpkins United), Timo Kotipelto ( Stratovarius), Sebastian Buck (ex-Skid Row)," he said, "I was influenced by , who once took the stage as an understudy vocalist for the Twilight Force Scream is sure to give many fans the shivers.

Uri Kash joined the recording team. Gamma Ray's Cy No More (1991) and Halloween's Master of the Rings He has played on a number of classic power metal albums such as "The Greatest Hits of All Time" (1994), and the beats that he delivers on these albums are the same as the beats of the earth. The film creates a powerhouse that shakes the

In 2019, Tommy Johansson will release this film, and Sabaton's new film, The Great War. He sped along on both wheels. Towards new heights, the flight of steel has begun.

Two bonus tracks are included in this album. (11) "Future Land (2002)" is from this album (7), and "Rain Exceed This version was written in 2002 during the era. (12) "Spaceballs" is a cover by the American vocal group The Spinners. As an insert song for the legendary sci-fi comedy film "Spaceballs" (1987), it is a very popular song among fans.

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