Titans Of Creation [2CDs+Autograph Card]【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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TESTAMENT / Titans Of Creation
【Japan Special Edition】
CD+Japan limited bonus full live CD w/Obi+Autograph Card

・Autograph Card
・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes translation

Release Date: April 3th 2020

01.Children of the next level
03.Dream deceiver
04.Night of the witch
05.City of angels
06.Ishtar's gate
08.False prophet
09.The healers
10.Code of Hammurabi
11.Curse of Osiris

【Japan Limited bonus full live CD】
『LIVE IN TOKYO』2017.2.20 @Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST
01. Brotherhood of the Snake
02. Rise Up
03. Disciples of the Watch
04. The Pale King
05. Practice What You Preach
06. The New Order
07. More Than Meets the Eye
08. Dark Roots of Earth
09. Stronghold
10. Into the Pit
11. Over the Wall
12. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
13. 3 Days in Darkness
14. The Formation of Damnation
15. Alone in the Dark

Chuck Billy(Vocals)
Eric Peterson(Guitar)
Alex Skolnick(Guitar)
Steve Di Giorgio(Bass)
Gene Hoglan (Drums)

Testament, a major player in the thrash metal scene, has released their 12th new album, "Titans of Creation"!
Testament's long-awaited album, which Eric Peterson has declared to be "old school thrash", is now available. There's no way any thrash fan can avoid the new album. It's fast, heavy and catchy at times, and it's a true Testament album for Testament fans. This is truly a Testament album for Testament fans. Mixed by Andy Sneep!
The Japanese edition is a special edition with a bonus full live CD with the complete 2017 Tokyo show.The show is full of classic songs such as "Practice What You Preach" and "Over the Wall".

Testament is one of the leading bands in the Bay Area thrash scene. Since their debut album, Legacy, was released in 1987, the post-Master The band has a strong image of being a part of the "of Puppets" scene, but it was formed in 1983. In other words, they are a band that belongs to the first generation that has been active since the beginning of thrash. It is The name at the time of formation was Legacy. The vocalist of the band was Steve "Zetro" Sousa, who you may know. However, in 1986, Zetro was taken over by Exodus. Chuck Billy was brought in as a replacement vocalist, and the band recorded their debut album They faced a problem again. They were forced to change their name after a jazz band trademarked the name "Legacy. It was. At this time, the name "Testament" was suggested by the vocalist of S.O.D. He was Billy Milano, as he was known. But at the time, they had a tailwind that blew those problems away. With "Master of Puppets" reaching the top of Billboard, Metallica's The thrash metal bands in San Francisco were getting a lot of attention. Naturally, Testament was no exception. Their debut album, "Legacy" was released on a major label. After that, they released "The New Order" (1988) and "Practice What You Preach" (1989) and "Souls of Black" (1990) continued to be a great success. . Even in the darkest days of heavy metal in the 1990s, Testament chose to move forward instead of disbanding, and in 2001, the band Chuck Billy has the misfortune of contracting a rare type of cancer, but he is indefatigable and this overcome. After signing with Europe's biggest company, Nuclear Blast Records, The Formation of Damnation" (2008), "Dark Roots of Earth" (2012), Brotherhood of the Snake (2004) and high quality work, and He continues to be the face of the Bay Area thrash scene to this day, and this year, four years after his last album, he's back with another long-awaited new album.

This year, four years after the release of their last album, the band is releasing their long-awaited new album. Entitled "Titans of Creation," the album is the result of the guitarist's Old school thrash," according to Eric Peterson. There isn't a Testament fan in the world who wouldn't go crazy over this. Even the harmonies, which Eric says are "like Merciful Fate", are a powerful album. It's flowery. Heavy, fast, and sometimes catchy-. A good and safe listen, Testament for Testament fans and thrash fans. The album is by. The artwork is by Eliran Kantor, mixed by Andy Sneep and the band by It's the usual line-up that backs them up.

The Japanese version of the Japan tour, which took place at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST on February 20, 2017 A bonus disc with full footage is included!

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