Spiritual Instinct [CD]【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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Alcest / Spiritual Instinct
【Japan Special Edition】CD incl. 1 Bonus Track w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: October 25th 2019

01. Les Jardins De Minuit
02. Protection
03. Sapphire
04. L'le Des Morts
05. Le Miroir
06. Spiritual Instinct
《Japan Exclusive BONUS TRACK》
07. Sapphire (Perturbator Version)

Neige (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Synths)
Winterhalter (Drums)

This is the sixth album from France's Alcest, their first since moving to Nuclear Blast. A true genius multi player, who can play everything from guitar and vocals to drums and synthesizers, this is the sixth album from Alcest, France. Neige's dream of a fictional world with no color or shape, expressed through sound, explodes in this film! This is the music of another world, where black metal has been sublimated to the height of beauty.

Originally, it had a strong aspect of a return to the eevil thrash metal of the 80s. Although it is black metal, it can be said that the style is now infinitely more diffuse. Probably, synthesizers, which can be a substitute for any instrument or voice, are the basic orchestration incorporated and invented by Burzum (at least that's what Varg himself says). By focusing on a single-note tremolo, a riff style with a rather high degree of freedom, the Black metal could easily be associated with other genres. The most right-wing band of such style diffusion is France's Alcest. Listening to their recent sound alone, one wonders why the band is being described in the context of black metal. , their musicianship is unique.

Although written as a right-wing "band," in effect, Alcest is a vocal, guitar and bassist. Of course, Neige, a literal multi-player who can also play keyboards and drums, is a This is the solo project of Stephan Poe. Neige has been involved in many bands because of his ability to play any instrument, but in the 00s Initially, he played guitar and drums in the infamous Pest Noir, as evidenced by the fact that Its origins can also be described as black metal. Alcest started out in 1999, with the demo "Tristesse hivernale" in 2001 and "Tristesse hivernale" in 2005. The band released the EP "Le Secret" in 2006, but these works are also black metal This is a work in the category that can be described by Alcest perfected his unique style with his debut album In Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde. Neige formed the Amesoeurs in 2004 with Audrey Sylvain. The band is comprised of Burzum, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Sonic Influences from Youth, Katatonia, New Order, Joy Division and more received, i.e., a whole new musicality that blends black metal, post-punk and goth. This band was the prototype of Alcest, as it were. Amesoeurs broke up in 2009 after releasing an album bearing the band's name, but At Alcest, Neige has inherited a style that has been described as "Blackgaze". The pursuit.

Of Alcest's music, Neige says that he dreamed of the "fictitious, colorless, formless and soundless" music of his childhood He claims that the "world" is expressed in sound. The sound that Alcest plays is simply beautiful. The sound of Alcest's music is simply beautiful, with fine vocals and tremolo guitar harmonies. The band's sound is the opposite of the typical black metal sound. I used the term "Blackgaze" earlier to describe Alcest's tremolo guitars. It's a genre name born out of an allusion to the shoegaze genre. But, according to Neige, with the release of Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde At the time I was born, I had never listened to so-called shoegaze music, and the underlying It is still Burzum, after all.

Alcest's new album, "Spiritual Instinct" is out now, and it's going to be available on It will be. It's been three years since their last album "Kodama" (which was inspired by the movie "Princess Mononoke"). This is their first album since moving to Nuclear Blast. Making this album was a "long and difficult but rewarding process" according to Neige, but "the I'm really happy with the result," he said, and he tried to express his dream world through music. The result is really a great example of the Neige's vocal beauty that speaks to the otherworldly beauty of Neige's vocals and the black metal tyranny of This is an album that fully demonstrates Alcest's unique characteristics of contrast. In addition to the six tracks and 40 minutes or so of the album, the Japanese release also includes by hometown French synthwave musician Perturbator Includes a remix number. It's a strong piece of work that will strongly appeal to fans of extreme metal as well as post-rock and forward-thinking music lovers.

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