Lamb Of God [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Lamb Of God / Lamb Of God
【Japan Edition】CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: June 19th 2020

01. Memento Mori
02. Checkmate
03. Gears
04. Reality Bath
05. New Colossal Hate
06. Resurrection Man
07. Poison Dream (feat, Jamey Jasta)
08. Routes (feat. Chuck Billy)
09. Bloodshot Eyes
10. On The Hook
11. Ghost Shaped People (Bonus track)

【Lamb Of God】
Randy Blythe (Vocals)
Mark Morton (Guitar)
Will Adler (Guitar)
John Campbell (Bass)
Art Cruz (Drums)

The best of modern US metal will return with their 8th original album after 5 years. Returning to the origins of heaviness, this is a scream of America that shoots through a confusing era.


In the heavy rock scene of the 21st century, Lamb of God has been the strongest name in Formed in 1994 in Virginia, USA, they quickly emerged as a band of "Russ (2009), Resolution (2012), VII Sturm und Drang ~The Gale (2015) has been a top three charting album in the US for consecutive years.

In recent years, he has released an EP dedicated to his late fans, The Duke (2016), his former band: Region:XX (2018), an album of covers under the name Burn the Priest, and And Mark Morton (guitar) has released a solo album/EP, and has been actively working on The band has finally completed their first full-length album in five years.

Returning to the band's origins, the album is called "Rum of God". Mark Morton explains why: "This is what Lamb of God is all about. An album full of fresh energy, full of pride and satisfaction in the band's creativity", and They are. The departure of Chris Adler (drums), a member since the formation of the band, shocked fans all over the world. Despite bringing in, Art Cruz, who had already been with the band on tour, was made an official member of the band. With Art's hip-bone shattering drumming from his previous stint with Prong, the band's new chapter in The band's sound was one of loud and clear statements.

Randy Bly's shouting, which has become the "face" of the metal world, is both earnest and intimidating, driving the whole band to a critical point.
The leader's cut "Checkmate" was released prior to the album, and it is a very heavy sounding song. The book is a scathing critique of the deception, hate, and usury of modern society, with its sharp edges on It's a song that proves it's not dull in the slightest. The song was performed at a special event at the House of Vans in Chicago on February 14, 2020. It was performed live for the first time in the world, further raising expectations for the new album.

Will it be a long-sought No. 1 on the US charts And will they win the Grammy Award, for which they have been nominated five times before The album, which will shake the metal world, has not failed to catch the world's attention.
Double headlining North American tour with Megadeth, "The Metal Tour of the Year" ( Support is also confirmed for Trivium and In Flames).KNOTFEST JAPAN 2016 We are also waiting for the first landing in Japan since the first one.

The clock has stopped and the countdown to the world's overrun has begun. The new century of Rum of God has arrived.

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