Arc Of Life [CD]【Japan Special Edition w/ OBI】


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Arc Of Life / Arc Of Life
【Japan Special Edition】CD incl. 1 Bonus Track w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: February 12th 2021

01. Life Has A Way
02. Talking With Siri
03. You Make It Real
04. Until Further Notice
05. The Magic Of It All
06. Just In Sight
07. I Want To Know You Better
08. Locked Down
09. Therefore We Are
10. The End Game
《Japan Exclusive BONUS TRACK》
11. You Make It Real (Acoustic Ver.)

【Arc Of Life】
Billy Sherwood (Bass and vocals)
Jon Davison (Vocals)
Jay Schellen (Drums)
Jimmy Haun (Guitars)
Dave Kerzner (Keyboards)

Arc Of Life is a supergroup composed of Billy Sherwood (B, Vo), Jon Davison (Vo), Jay Schellen (Dr), three current members of Yes, Dave Kerzner (Key), Jimmy Haun (G) (Jimmy also performed in Yes album in the past), and will release a debut album bearing the band's name. It's easy to imagine that an album made up of such members must be progressive. From the beginning of the album, is a series of intense odd time signatures, and a storm of complicated songs. But of course, this isn't just an esoteric album. A heart-washing vocal harmony, and an exploding mellotron. Its hard to see such a beautiful album like this. While stimulating the listener's intellectual curiosity, the music that is comfortable to listen to with a focus on vocal work naturally reminds us of many of Yes’s masterpieces.

If you like European prog rock as well as fans of Yes and Asia, this work is inevitable. This album in 2021 must be a great gift for progressive rock fans.

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