The Dragonheart’s Tale [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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DragoNHeart / The DragoNHeart's Tale
【Japan Edition】CD w/ Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and Translation

Release Date: December 29th 2023

01. The Hangman Willys Tavern
02. Dragonheart’s Tale
03. Act 1: Sea, Waves and Gunpowder
04. Under The Black Flag
05. Ghost Of The Storm
06. Barbarian Armada
07. Act 2: Battle, Honor and Blood
08. Eric, The Red
09. Westgate Battlefield
10. Act 3: Magic, Anvil and Fire
11. The Devil Is By My Side
12. Plague Maker
13. Finale: The Bard
14. The Ballad Of John Cursed
15. Early Days

Marco Caporasso (Vocals / Guitar)
Eduardo Marques (Vocals / Guitar)
Thiago Mussi (Drums)

Finally the wait is over, Dragon Squadron! Dragonheart releases the highly anticipated album The Dragonheart’s Tale worldwide.
The Dragonheart's Tale album marks the return of vocalist and guitarist Eduardo Marques, the eternal voice of the classic albums Underdark (2000) and Throne of the Alliance (2002), which shook the structures of the Brazilian metal scene, strengthening a loyal fan base not just here, but worldwide. The work expands the universe of classic albums, and is indicated for, in addition to true heavy metal fans, to lovers of medieval, Renaissance and Celtic music, and admirers of RPG, games and epic soundtracks.

Between songs, intro and interludes, the album has 15 tracks and about 52 minutes long, and is a work of power metal divided into three acts, which tells a captivating story that mixes battles, fire, magic and pirates. Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström (Dream Evil, Hammerfall, Opeth, Evergrey, Powerwolf, among others), The Dragonheart's Tale had the cover created by the legendary Andreas Marschall (Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Running Wild), who had already worked with band earlier; he is responsible for the cover of Throne of the Alliance, whose history is related to this new album. Among the special appearances, there are big names like Henning Basse (ex-Metalium) and Vanessa Rafaelly.

The general concept of the work is to continue a fantastic narrative created by the group and celebrate the musical legacy of Dragonheart, with – in addition to the weight and melody of heavy metal in its purest form and with personality – interludes, acoustic tavern passages, voiceovers and effects sounds, which will take listeners to a true fantasy world.

The line up for the new album featured Thiago Mussi on drums, Eduardo Marques on vocals and guitar, Marco Caporasso on vocals and guitar and the participation of bassist Felipe Mata. Lords and Ladies, Humans, Elves, Hobbits and Dwarves. Welcome once again to the Lands of Allur!

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