Hexed [CD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Childrem of Bodom / Hexed
【Japan Edition】CD w/Obi

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: March 8th 2019

01. This Road
02. Under Grass And Clover
03. Glass Houses
04. Hecate's Nightmare
05. Kick In A Spleen
06. Platitudes And Barren Words
07. Hexed
08. Relapse (The Nature Of My Crime)
09. Say Never Look Back
10. Soon Departed
11. Knuckleduster
12. I Worship Chaos (Live) (Bonus track)
13. Morrigan (Live) (Bonus track)
14. Knuckleduster (Remix) (Bonus track)

Childrem of Bodom
Alexi Laiho (Vocals / Guitar)
Janne Wirman (Keyboards)
Henkka Blacksmith (Bass)
Jaska Raatikainen (Drums)
Daniel Freyberg (Guitar)

Children of Bodom, led by Finnish guitar heroes Aleksi Raiho The band doesn't need much explanation about Their formation dates back to 1993, when they released their debut album, Something After the release of "Wild", their name was on the lips of metal fans around the world. The band's strong, fast-paced guitar playing and excellent melodic sense, which are not typical of death metal With their weapons in hand, it is no exaggeration to say that they have revolutionized extreme metal. Hatebreeder (1999), Follow the Reaper (2000), "Hatebreeder And with an eye on the Death 'n' Roll route, 2003's Hate Crew With an album like "Deathroll", the top of the genre of melodic death metal Many would consider it to be a good idea.

And now, about three years after their last album, I Worship Chaos, they have released their tenth new The album, Hexed, is out now. I've been told it's catchier than before. That's true, it's easier to get to grips with when you listen to it, but if you listen closely, there are some crazy parts. It is," says Alexi, "full of killer tunes that are both easy to listen to and musical It's a masterpiece that combines quality with quality. In other words, if you're a fan of Chilbod as usual, you won't be disappointed. That's what I mean. Alexi's guitars and Janne's keyboards weave a superb melody, fast guitar Solo, and the grooves they have boldly embraced in the 21st century and beyond. Everything about Children of Bodom is packed into this album. The opening track "Dis Road" is a bit unusual for their opening number, but it From then on, the band was in full swing with their usual Children of Bodom style. The band's "Underneath", which "combines elements of 70's prog rock and 80's pop metal 'Glass and Clover'. Despite its gothic and eerie elements, "the chorus is an '80s Ozzy Osbourne song Like "Hecate's Nightmare, A song that "deserves more attention" is the 2004 EP "Trashed, Lost and It is also interesting to note that "Knuckle Duster" from "Strungout" has been re-recorded. A number of high quality numbers that are musically advanced, yet never reject the listener. in Alexi's The Local Band (in an '80s hard rock cover band) must have had an impact as well. Overall, the changes in Janne's keyboard arrangements are also significant. This is also the first time that Daniel Freyberg, the second guitarist, has participated in this album.

The mix was done by the familiar Mikko Carmilla, whose 1998 single "Downfall Mikko has been working with the band for 20 years, from the time of their first release, to the time of the Chilvod works, so he is very much in tune with the band. Needless to say, the sound quality is top notch.

Hexed is aptly described as a "melodic rock 'n' roll rumpage". Children of Bodom's long awaited new album is a must for both old and new Chilbod fans. It is a powerful piece of work that convinces.

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