No Halos In Hell [2CDs]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Cyhra / No Halos In Hell
【Japan Edition】CD + Bonus CD w/Obi


・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation
・W/ Japanese Subtitles

Release Date: August 16th 2019

01. Out Of My Life
02. No Halos In Hell
03. Battle From Within
04. I Am The One
05. Bye Bye Forever
06. Dreams Gone Wrong
07. Lost In Time
08. Kings Tonight
09. I Had Your Back
10. Blood Brothers
11. Hit Me
12. Man Of Eternal Rain

【Bonus CD】
01. Kings And Queens
02. Lies
03. Lost In Time (Full Band)
04. Dreams Gone Wrong (Acoustic)
05. Kings Tonight (Acoustic)
06. I Am The One (Acoustic)

Jake E (Vocals / Keyboards)
Jesper Strmblad (Guitar)
Euge Valovirta (Guitar)
Alex Landenburg (Drums)

Former AMARANTHE's Jake E[vo] and former IN FLAMES' Cyhra, the super band formed by Jesper Stromblade, is the first super band in almost two years to release their second The album "No Halos in Hell" is released! Dramatic and melancholic melodic metal has evolved further. The wailing twin guitars of Wailing are gloriously wild.

Jake E[vo], who left AMARANTHE, Jake E[vo], who left IN FLAMES Sweden's Cyhra was formed in 2016 by Jesper Stromblade[g]. They are a super band, so to speak. The two longtime friends were both trying to make a solo album of their own. But when they met after a long time to talk about their plans for each other's albums, the same kind of We realized that we were aiming for a So, they said, "Well, then let's make it together". Jake was still in AMARANTHE at that time, but he had already been thinking about leaving for quite some time. thought about it (sometimes not touring), and asserted that the formation of Cyhra was not the direct reason for It was.

Anyway, this is how Cyhra was born. First of all, Jake is a member of ANNHILATOR and LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY Alex Landenberg [ds], who has flaunted his skills in a number of bands such as Jesper Introductions are made and welcomed. Then (presumably) Jesper calls on Peter Ewers[b]. Peter was still in IN FLAMES at the time, but the hard on-the-road life He was exhausted and had decided to leave the group. And just as he was about to do it, he received an offer from Cyhra. Jesper left IN FLAMES, his own leader band, because of the "long Because "touring worsens your addiction," Cyhra assumes that she won't do "it. He was doing it. In that sense, the band was ideal for Peter. At least at this point.

Their debut album was released in 2017. "Each song is like a letter to me," is how Jesper came up with the phrase Jake "exactly! The album, titled "LETTERS TO MYSELF" in agreement with The names of Jake and Jesper are credited on all songs (on the Japanese release bonus track " It's an album full of charm for both of them (except for "Forever"). Melodic, melancholic and dramatic, with synths that have a pop and modern touch He added A fan of Jesper and early IN FLAMES said, "I wanted a little more Jesper color. As a whole, Jake was the main songwriter, as the voice of AMARANTHE color was strong, but there are still some guitar riffs in the early days of Jesper's style. It had elements of melodic death metal. In any case, the band was extremely well received here in Japan. Jake, who became the band's only lead singer (as we know, AMARANTHE triple vocal organization), and a variety of singing styles that were unimaginable in the days of AMARANTHE. It was critically acclaimed. In addition, Auge Varovilta, who was in SHINING at the time, made a guest appearance on the album, and the song was released to the public. He played most of the guitar solos (Jesper plays more of a guitar solo than a solo), but the guitar Melodic), and by the time the album was released, he had joined the band as an official member.

On October 27th of the same year, the band played their first headline show in Helsinki, Finland, and The band will be revitalized live in 2018. Jesper said, "There's obviously a lot of enthusiasm to make Cyhra a band that will be recognized by the public, but IN I'm not going to tour as much as the FLAMES," he said, but that year the US and They played more than 35 shows in Europe. However, Peter left early in the tour. He played two shows in Sweden that year before flying to the US, but by that point, he had already Peter didn't seem to be there. The band declared that they would be a four-piece band without a replacement. From the live video, it seems that the bass player is being played in sync. Later, Jesper also left the band temporarily, and he joined IN FLAMES to replace Jesper and Marcus Sounesson of ENGEL, led by Niklas Engerin, who was replaced. Jesper has since returned to the tour but left again, and perhaps the situation is still changing If not, Marcus would be playing at the shows. Jesper didn't leave the band, but he had family commitments and mental and physical It seems to be difficult to keep touring consistently, due to waves in conditions.

Despite this, their second album, "No Halos in Hell," was made in 2018 The recording process started very early in the year. The recording was done from August to October. Of course, Jesper participated in the production of the album as well. Auge played bass.

And so "No Halos in Hell" was released, and while it inherited the beauty of the previous album This song is a upgraded masterpiece. Although not only Jake and Jesper but also Auge participated in the writing of the songs (most of the lyrics are written by Jake). I wrote it), some of the songs were written by Jake on his own, and it's still very much his color. Still, Jesper's guitar playing has the magic touch of the Gothenburg sound throughout It's a great addition, and of course, Auge does a great job. Oge only played a guitar solo on the last album, but this time he was a full member of the band and helped to write This may be due in part to the fact that he plays an emotional melody that fits the song better. The guitar solo is not the most important part of Cyhra's song, but it works as a part of the song and is a great listen. It grabs the heart of your hand. And Alex, a masterful player, plays the drums as he sings.

Cyhra seems to have accepted Jesper's instability, and he's ready to deal with it. So, from now on, they may be working at a faster pace than ever before. We'd love to have them come to Japan.

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