Legacy Of the Kings 20 Year Anniversary Edition [2CDs+DVD]【Japan Edition w/ OBI】


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Hammerfall / Legacy Of the Kings 20 Year Anniversary Edition
【Japan Edition】2CDs w/Obi + Bonus DVD

・W/ exclusive Japanese OBI Strip
・Include exclusive booklet with Japanese liner notes and translation

Release Date: December 7th 2018


【CD1 『Legacy Of the Kings』(Remastered 2018)】
01. Heeding The Call
02. Legacy Of Kings
03. Let The Hammer Fall
04. Dreamland
05. Remember Yesterday
06. At The End Of The Rainbow
07. Back To Back (Pretty Maids cover)
08. Stronger Than All
09. Warriors Of Faith
10. The Fallen One

【CD2: Bonus CD】
01. Eternal Dark (Picture cover)
02. I Want Out (Helloween cover)
03. Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)
04. Legacy Of Kings (Medley 2018)
05. Heeding The Call (Live 2018)
06. Let The Hammer Fall (Live in Brazil 2017)
07. Legacy Of Kings (Live)
08. At The End Of The Rainbow (Live)
09. Stronger Than All (Live)
10. Heeding The Call (Rehearsal demo 1998)
11. Let The Hammer Fall (Rehearsal demo 1998)
12. Let The HammeWarriors Of Faith (Rehearsal demo 1998)
13. Back To Back (Rehearsal demo 1998)
14. At The End Of The Rainbow (Rehearsal demo 1998)
15. Dreamland (Rehearsal demo 1998)

【Bonus DVD】Region 2
01. Legacy Of Kings - Interview 2018
- "HammerFall - Live at Park Avenue, Jan. 19th 1999, Shure Endorsement Party"
02. Heeding The Call
03. The Metal Age
04. Let The Hammer Fall
05. Steel Meets Steel
06. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover)
07. Shure Endorsement Ceremony
- "The First Crusade"
08. Listening Session
09. German TV Advertisement
10. Releaseparty for Legacy of Kings
11. Head Over Heels (Accept cover)
12. Balls To The Wall (Accept cover)
13. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover)
14. Outtakes And Sign Off
- “The Templar Renegade Crusades”
15. I Want Out (Video montage from Hansen Studios)
16. Unchained (Live in Switzerland)
17. Legacy Of Kings (Live in the U.S.A.)
18. Remember Yesterday (Live in Japan)
19. Warriors Of Faith (Live in Chile)
20. Let The Hammer Fall (Live in Sweden)
21. I Believe (Live in Sweden)
22. Breaking The Law (Video montage)

Joacim Cans (Vocals)
Oscar Dronjak (Guitar)
Stefan Elmgren (Guitar)
Magnus Rosn (Bass)
Patrik Rfling (Drums)

A masterpiece of traditional metal restoration is back! Hammerfall, the evangelist of heavy metal, released a masterpiece album in 1998 called Legacy of Kings is now available in a deluxe edition with a large number of rare bonus recordings. And here it comes back to life.


Hammerfall was a member of In Flames at the time, Jesper Stromblade, and Former Ceremonial Oath Oscar Doroniak, for example. By the musicians who pioneered Swedish melodic death metal. The band was formed in 1993.

In the beginning, the band was just a hobby of the members, playing 80's style metal instead of death metal. The band didn't have a lot of members, but after a change of members, they produced their debut album With the release of "Glory to the Brave", the situation changed drastically. In spite of the fact that it was a headwind for orthodox metal, the band was able to reevaluate melodic metal in Europe. It went on to cause a wave. Driven by the momentum of the band, the production of the band's structure was solidified, and Hammerfall's popularity on the board. It was his second album, Legacy of Kings, that made it a reality.

This album is a deluxe version of "Glory to the Brave" which was released last Edition, followed by a luxury edition made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Legacy of Kings. It is. The latest remastered version of the film includes "Heading the Call, Representing the history of bands such as "Let the Hammer Fall" and "Legacy of Kings, songs, as well as a cover of the Pretty Mays' classic "Back to Back". Play. This is a great example of the appeal of early Hammerfall.

The bonus CD includes covers of songs released on various omnibuses and this album, which was released on later works. Live takes and demos of the songs are included. Particularly, the demo takes are part of the process of creating "Heading the Call" and other classic songs. This is a rare glimpse of the band's history.

The DVD features the latest interviews with the recording members at the time, as well as a video of the 1999 Mike Bland: Live video celebrating his signing with Sure, 1999's The First Crusade, 2002's The Templar Renegade Crusade The video, which includes excerpts of live and off-the-record footage from the VHS filmI t's a great way to experience the atmosphere of the album's release.

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